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Make the Most of This Time Thumbnail

Make the Most of This Time

As COVID-19 continues to impact the country with communities on ordered lockdown restrictions, many will begin or continue to experience mental and physical fatigue. One can only watch so much Netflix! 

Despite all the chaos and destruction this crisis has brought with it, there could be a potential silver lining – the opportunity to learn new skills. Rarely do people have both the time and resources to learn a new skill. 

Companies are recognizing this opportunity, offering free classes and workshops for those that are quarantined at home and eager to learn something new. 

Two companies that are doing an excellent job during this crisis are Planet Fitness and Nikon. 

Planet Fitness – United We Move

Since March 16th, Planet Fitness has been hosting free daily live streams of at-home workouts on Facebook Live. Their mission is for everyone to relieve stress and stay active. The daily live streams are at 7pm ET. If you miss the daily live stream, their YouTube channel is full of free at home workouts. 

Nikon – Nikon School

For those eager to learn about photography, Nikon has made its entire curriculum of online photography classes free to anyone for the entire month of April. Normally these online classes cost $15 to $50, but for the month of April the Nikon School has made all 10 classes available to stream for free. 

Classes are taught by professional photographers and provides in-depth lessons on a variety of topics. Even if you don’t own a Nikon camera and take pictures on your smartphone, the classes still provide information you can use on other systems and camera families. You will need to create an account with Nikon to be able to enroll in classes.

THE GOAL: dabble in something that interests you, is fun, and helps reduce that mental and physical fatigue.