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Financial Library

Here you will find videos, fillable white papers, market commentary, articles, 

and recorded webinars.


Midterm Elections  Thumbnail

Midterm Elections

Midterm years tend to see moderate to large pullbacks in the stock market, but returns a year later have historically been significant.

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Presidential Elections in the USA Thumbnail

Presidential Elections in the USA

There are many factors that impact stock market returns, but one common concern of investors is how the stock market will be impacted by a change in America's President.

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Markets In Perspective Thumbnail

Markets In Perspective

Volatility is not a recent phenomenon. Each year, there is the potential for the market to experience a significant correction, which for the S&P 500 has averaged approximately 14% since 1980.

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2023 Tax Guide Thumbnail

2023 Tax Guide

Our 2023 Tax Guide will provide you with updated information on retirement plan contribution limits, RMD requirements, standard deduction amounts and marginal tax bracket parameters.

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Economic Update Webinar- 11/1/2022 (45 minutes) Thumbnail

Economic Update Webinar- 11/1/2022 (45 minutes)

Jacob Gold, Michael Cochell and special guest Gene Goldman will examine some of the important financial factors at play, including economic developments, political elections, world events, and other market influences.

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