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Finance Roundtable Podcast

Join Professor Jacob Gold, Michael Cochell and Kelvin Gold as they host a monthly podcast.

The Finance Roundtable team wants to bring you along as they interview finance professors, professional athletes and financial strategists about money.

The Professor

Jacob Gold is a finance professor at Arizona State University and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM practitioner. He is the host of the Finance Roundtable Podcast.

The President

Michael Cochell is the President of JG&A and is the co-host of the Finance Roundtable Podcast. He brings a calm and detail oriented perspective to the show.

The Producer

Kelvin Gold is the producer of the Finance Roundtable Podcast. Without him, this podcast would not exist. He currently is a Junior at ASU, majoring in Financial Planning.

Click here to listen to the Finance Roundtable Podcast