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David Scheur, CRPC®


P: (480) 998-4653 Ext. 12

I have dedicated my career to helping people experience the clarity that comes with understanding all aspects of their personal finances. With the core belief that education is the key element to economic success, I lead my clients to achieve a confident assurance in their financial well-being through uniquely personalized guidance, a well thought out financial road map, and intelligent investment solutions.

For nearly 30 years, I have seen that true confidence comes when the many puzzle pieces of a person’s financial life are connected, organized, and simplified, bringing clarity, and understanding about their future. It is one of my greatest honors to be welcomed into people’s lives to listen, learn, and walk beside them as they overcome struggles and experience joy.

I began my career immediately after college in 1995 as a financial advisor in Buffalo, New York and quickly became one of the youngest branch managers within the firm’s history. I moved to Arizona a few years later and, in 2008, partnered with Jacob Gold & Associates.

I earned a bachelor’s degree from State University of New York, College of Brockport in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and a minor in Economics.

I am a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC®) which is a professional financial planning designation awarded by the College for Financial Planning. The CRPC® program provides in-depth knowledge of retirement planning and best practices for creating a ”road map for retirement” for clients. In my practice I work with individuals, families, and corporations to promote the financial literacy necessary to feel confident about their financial wellness and ultimately a comfortable retirement.

My family is my passion. My two boys are avid hockey players, and my twin daughters are deeply involved in dance. Much of my time away from the office is spent at dance performances and the ice rink. Personally, I enjoy golfing, mountain biking, skiing, and snowboarding. I am also a big Buffalo sports fan, always rooting on my hometown teams - mostly my Bills and Sabres.

The best part of working with clients: Making meaningful connections with my clients and learning more about them on a deeper level. I enjoy learning about their families, their experiences, dreams, and aspirations, as well as their fears. Truly connecting with clients allows me the opportunity to create a customized plan for their financial future.

Favorite places to visit: I always enjoy visiting my hometown of Buffalo, New York.  I also enjoy family trips to Mexico as well as visiting mountain-ski towns.

Something few people know about me: I have twin daughters, but also many other sets of twins in my family, including my mother, grandfather, and cousins. Also, not many people know that I have completed the London marathon.

But Enough About Me, I’m Ready to Learn More About You.

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